Your donations help me continue to offer my workshops and on-line courses at very reasonable fees and quite honestly, help me during a pretty rough time in my life.  Well, if saying that didn't make me feel vulnerable, I don't know what could. (I think Brene Brown would be proud of me.)
So, no pressure at all. If helping  feels like something you'd like to do, that would be greatly appreciated. If not, no problem at all. If I don't ask, I'm the first one saying 'no'. (I made that up. Pretty good, huh?) 

The way it's set up, you can put in any amount you want. Again, no pressure. I'll love you no matter what you do about a donation. You know that. I'm so very grateful to and for all of you.



On Sun. July 22 I'll be doing a workshop specifically for Emily 
Dettman and her colleagues. She has very generously allowed me to let you know that if there are any available seats you're welcome to attend. Please know that space for this workshop is very limited and registration is first come, first served. 
I'm the point of contact for this so if you have any questions at all, please let me know. You must pre-register because space is so limited and walk-in's won't be able to attend. Let me know you want to attend so I can tell you if the workshop is full yet. *If it's full, you might want to get on the Wait List. You never know how peoples' schedules can change. There's not on-line registration for these workshops. You can register by sending a check to me at Dr. Karen McCleskey,  *P.O. Box 871371, Stone Mountain, GA  30087.  *THIS IS MY NEW MAILING ADDRESS AS OF 7/18/18. If you've sent anything to the old P.O. Box 450584, no problem as the P.O. should be forwarding it to me at the new P.O. Box.

Please, please keep in mind there is No WALK IN REGISTRATION. YOU MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED. Thanks so much to Emily and her colleagues for this opportunity.

The workshop begins at 8:30 a.m. and has a working lunch, meaning you bring what you want to eat and drink.

The workshop is:
**Sun. July 22=Ethics Odyssey, 5 ceu's. Meets the board 5 hr. Ethics requirement. 

The workshop is only $80. You can save $15 by attending this one instead of coming directly to my workshops.

The address is 600 Peachtree Parkway. Suite 112. Cumming, GA 30041. 

​​Dr. Karen McCleskey

Licensed Counselor

P. O. Box 871371

Atlanta,  GA  30087

E-mail=  OR 

     (either one is fine)

Text=404-754-2677 (PREFERRED)

*Phone (voice mail) =404-754-2677

*You must leave your name in your voice mail in order for me to return your call. Please be sure to leave your return number slowly and twice. Thanks! 

I'm living in Atlanta now and am offering CE workshops. Please use the new mailing address (the P.O. Box). 

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