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      2018 Workshop Locations:


                             *PD = Courtyard Marriott

6250 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd.

Atlanta, 30328; 770-393-1000

*EP = Courtyard Marriott Executive Park

1236 Executive Park Dr. NE

Atlanta, 30329; 404-728-0708

           2018 Workshop Fees: Update April 1:

This is brand new information

* All workshops are either $94 or $85 if it's the first time I'm doing the workshop. NOT $99 this year. See explanations below.

                 ​??? What's with the $85 fee?

      All 5 workshops are brand new this year. Preparing a new workshop takes an extreme amount of time. Given everything that's been going on in my life for quite a while now, I'm worried that it may take a little time to make sure my workshops are up to my standards. So........I decided to charge less for each workshop for the first time I present it. Think of it as compensation for being a "guinea pig". You can also think of it as a way to save some money!

                ??? What's with the $94 fee?

I have set that amount to try to help make up for the inconvenience caused by the delay of getting credit card registration set up and ready.  I'm making this retroactive, meaning I may owe you some money back. We'll figure it out when we see each other.


*The 2018 Workshops: 


1. Ethics: The Ultimate Odyssey (5 Ethics hours)

We are going to boldly go where too many therapists have not gone: The area of total commitment to all components of their clients' well-being. Reading the codes of ethics is great but it's not enough.  It's commendable to understand what the codes specify in terms of our decision making, but it isn't enough. What is enough?  It's time to take the risk of embarking on an odyssey, to take an epic journey to the final frontier for therapists: the extreme limit of understanding ethics. This workshop has a 5 hour mission on ethics:  to explore new perspectives, to re-consider ideas that were once thought useless, to seek out new methods to more fully meet the challenge of ethically addressing all the things that make our clients unique, and to establish new civilizations where all people are cared for and treated  with the utmost ethical behavior. The force will be with us as we help our clients live long and prosper.  

*Please read the information about how to count ethics hours at the end of the 5th workshop)

Sat., June 2 (PD), 9:30-3:00, working lunch

Sun., June 17 (PD), 9:30-3:00, working lunch


2. Using Personality Testing (8 CEUs)                             

We will examine the MBTI, the 16 PF, the Enneagram, the MMPI, and some others I think you'll find useful and maybe even fun! Please note that this workshop does not qualify you to administer any assessments. Most professional personality tests require training in how to administer and interpret them. This workshop will not do that; it will however, give you information that might help you decide if you want to pursue training in the area. 

Fri., June 8 (PD), 9:30-6:00, working lunch

Sat., June 16 (PD), 9:30-6:00, working lunch


3. !! Sex: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and What It Can Be (7 CEUs)                                                                                       

This workshop is definitely not your basic nuts, bolts, and screws workshop about sex. Most of us got that part from all over the place: at school behind the gym, our siblings, places of worship, our parents (mine told me wrong by the way), the media in all its ubiquitous forms,  Pornhub. The information most of us didn't get is what sex means, how to use it to create closeness or chaos, how to harness its potential to build connections or to destroy them, how to speak our truth about it rather than lie to ourselves and our partner. But most importantly, most of were never educated about the power of sex and how to use it in our best interest and in the best interest of those we live in this world with.  A head's up about the content: there is no way to do a thorough presentation without examining the misuses of sexual power. This means there will be topics we must address that may cause discomfort for some attendees. These topics include, but are not limited to issues about rape, molestation, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, predatory sexual behavior, and things that right now I have no way of knowing may arise. This workshop is not meant to be group therapy or individual therapy. It is simply a workshop about what for many is a difficult subject. What am I saying? Do what you might need to do to take care of yourself. !! THIS WORKSHOP IS SERIOUSLY RATED R

Sat., June 9 (PD), 9:30-5:00, working lunch


4. Connect: Do It or Die (8 CEUs)   

How can something be so simple and so hard at the same time? That's the perfect question for the issue of connection. Several years ago I did a workshop on connection. I promise you this is not a rehashing of that workshop. You wouldn't believe how much new research has emerged and that, plus just how to connect in a healthy way in more situations than you can imagine, is what we'll be learning. Connection is the opposite of loneliness. Look around. Loneliness kills. And more things than just our bodies.

Fri., June 1 (PD), 9:30-6:00, working lunch


5. The Workshop I Swore I Would Never Do  (7 CEU'S)

 **It's Death, Dying, Loss, Grief: Using the 5 L's to Help With the Healing Process. 

**I've gotten some e-mails asking  what the 5 L's are. I think it's reasonable to tell you now rather than making you wait til the workshop:  Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, Leave.

Death is inevitable. We're all dying starting the minute we're born. Loss is way more than just death. And grief? We acknowledge it and do the work we need to do around it or we live an inauthentic shell of a life. That's a choice many people make and this workshop will not try to get anyone to change that choice.   People do what they can when they can. Please know this is an information workshop not group therapy. Let's also keep in mind that every single person attending who attends this workshop has experienced this topic in some form. There's no way to get through life without being exposed to the areas we're going to explore. But what do we do with that exposure? The choices are many and we're going to examine them, along with other related issues.  

This will not be a workshop some people need to take right now. Take a good look at where you are in your life and decide if this is a time to examine some very challenging and tough things. You know if you should take this right now. Listen to your heart AND your head. 

Sun., June 3 (PD), 9:30-5:00, working lunch

Fri., June 15 (PD), 9:30-5:00, working lunch


Ethics hours approved for all 3 licenses by NBCC ACEP #6489. Remember, because we have a composite board, Ethics workshops need only 1 approval. **Counselors may choose to count this workshop as 5 Ethics hours or as 5 core hours.  **SW's may choose to count this workshop as Ethics hours or as 5 related hours.

Workshops 2, 3, 4, and 5 are approved as core hours for counselors by NBCC ACEP #6489 and as core hours for SW's by TX PAP SW #5919.

Dr. Karen McCleskey Workshops, Inc. provider # 6489, is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP™) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP is responsible for all aspects of the program. 

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2018 Continuing Education Workshops and Locations