• BELOW ARE THE JULY, AUGUST, AND SEPTEMBER 2018 WORKSHOP                                                 DESCRIPTIONS:

1. Hot Monogamy   9:30-6:00  8 ceu's  (core for LPC's and SW's; related for LMFT's)

Remember this one from several years ago? Well, it's back, hotter than ever. The title says it all.  There's some new information about the topic as well: a few extra things to really spice it up....  This workshop is seriously rated R+. This rating means the workshop material is a little more than R, but not as far as X.  If you attended several years ago, well, things change. Maybe you need a refresher course.....     If you've never attended, what's better than 8 hours of sex, sorry I meant sexual information? 

So why should you attend? If you work with couples or you’re in a relationship, this workshop is for YOU!  Sexual passion and intimacy are key components of a fulfilling love relationship and this incredible workshop, through the use of lecture, videos, handouts, small group discussions, and small group exercises, is designed to help therapists and couples learn the 9 essential steps to more passionate, intimate lovemaking. Fascinating, exciting information along with literally dozens of handouts and inventories that you can copy and use with your clients make this a not to be missed workshop!  Note: I have been personally trained by the author of the best-selling book Hot Monogamy, Dr. Pat Love, to present Hot Monogamy workshops to mental health professionals & to the general public.

SPECIAL OFFER:  you may bring your non-therapist significant other for half price! 


         Fri. Aug. 24 PD        Sun. Sept. 9  PD      

2. Ethics: The Ultimate Odyssey (5 Ethics hours OR LPC's may count this as core; SW's may count this as related)  This workshop meets the licensing board's 5 hr. Ethics requirement. 

We are going to boldly go where too many therapists have not gone: The area of total commitment to all components of their clients' well-being. Reading the codes of ethics is great but it's not enough.  It's commendable to understand what the codes specify in terms of our decision making, but it isn't enough. What is enough?  It's time to take the risk of embarking on an odyssey, to take an epic journey to the final frontier for therapists: the extreme limit of understanding ethics. This workshop has a 5 hour mission on ethics:  to explore new perspectives, to re-consider ideas that were once thought useless, to seek out new methods to more fully meet the challenge of ethically addressing all the things that make our clients unique, and to establish new civilizations where all people are cared for and treated  with the utmost ethical behavior. By the end of this workshop, you'll have many new tools to help  clients live long and prosper.  

                Sat. Aug. 18  EP           Sat. Aug. 25  PD

               Fri. Sept. 7  PD                          Fri. Sept. 21  PD

3. The Case for Conscious Connecting      9:30-5:00  7 ceu's  (core for LPC's and SW's; related for LMFT's)

In a world filled with more ways to be in touch with others than we have ever had before, why do so many people feel alone? How many of us know people who are always around others but still feel isolated?  This workshop will provide the most up-to-date research (especially around the use of technology) and information on how connection (and the lack of it) affects us in ways more profound than we’ve ever understood before.  Attendees will learn the 7 C’s, the 11 Keys, and many more tools to enable them  to help clients form meaningful connections, not only with others, but with self as well.  Never has a topic been so timely. The latest research in this area soundly supports that loneliness, the lack of connection can kill. We CAN learn to connect in a healthy way and live longer, happier lives. This is a “don’t miss.”  

               Sat. Sept. 8  PD

4. Who Are You and What Do You Want?   The Power of Knowing Yourself                  9: 30-6:00     8 ceu's     (core for LPC's and SW's; related for LMFT's)

This is probably the most profound workshop I've ever presented. It's a very unique workshop and it deserves a unique description, so here goes: choices, balance, juggling, family, change, love, fear, friends, challenge, significance, meaning, mindfulness, pleasure, Spiderman, faith, tigers, rock stars, chance, giving, forgiving, scars, oxygen....Find out who you are, what you want, and much, much more. So, why a workshop like this? Simple: therapists can't really help their clients learn about themselves if they haven't taken a good, hard look at who they are and what they bring to the counseling relationship and to life in general. A therapist with an unexamined life is not a therapist worth seeing. I believe this with all my heart. And, I believe the 2 questions that make up the title of this workshop are 2 of the most important ones we'll ever answer. 

Fri. Aug. 17 EP           Sat. Sept. 15  PD

5. Telemental Health: Understanding it,  Knowing When and How To Use It,  and     Using It Ethically      9:30-4:00  6 ceu's  (core for LPC's and SW's; related for      LMFT's)  *If you need to meet the board's requirement for 6 hrs. on telemental health counseling, this workshop will do that. 5 hrs. of it may be counted as meeting the Ethics requirement as set by the board. It may also be counted as core for LPC's and SW's and related for LMFT's.

The best way to accomplish the goals of this workshop is for us to examine the actual rule itself: put the following in your browser: http://sos.ga.gov/index.php/licensing/plb/43  When you get to the page it takes you to, click on 'Laws, Policies and Rules', then select 'Board Rules' from the drop down menu. You'll go to the page where our rules and regs. are. They all start with 135. You'll see 135-11 Telemental Health. Click on that. That's the rule for telemental health that we'll be going over very, very thoroughly. Print it out or if you prefer to wait, I'll be providing hard copies of the rule at the workshop. I'll be addressing every area in the rule except the part pertaining to supervision. I don't know enough about that to adequately address it. I know this sounds like a very boring topic to spend 6 hrs. on, but I give you my word I'll make it fun. 

​​Fri. Sept. 14   PD                 Sat. Sept. 22  PD

Dr. Karen McCleskey Workshops, Inc. provider # 6489, is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP™) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP is responsible for all aspects of the program. 

                     TX PAP LPC # 1482                                              TX PAP SW # 5915

     Workshop Schedule for July, August,                         and September, 2018:

These are the DATES, LOCATIONS, TOPICS, DESCRIPTIONS, TIMES, FEES, AND # OF CEU'S for the workshops.   Please sign up for the e-mail list if you haven't already done so. You'll be kept up to date on all the latest information.

               All workshops have a **WORKING LUNCH

This means you bring your lunch with you to the workshop, not that you leave the hotel and go get your lunch and bring it back. In order to continue having working lunches which save us TIME you have to stay on the premises.  Both hotels have a 'snack' shop in case you forget to bring your lunch. A microwave and a fridge are available for you. You can bring what you want to drink or purchase a soft drink or juice at the hotels. THIS IS A BIG DEAL IF WE WANT TO KEEP HAVING WORKING LUNCHES.


*PD = Courtyard Marriott Perimeter Center
6250 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, 30328; 770-393-1000

*EP = Courtyard Marriott Executive Park
1236 Executive Park Dr. NE
Atlanta, 30329; 404-728-0708


Fri. Aug. 17 EP     *Who Are You & What Do You Want?  9:30-6:00  8 ceu's
Sat. Aug. 18  EP    Ethics: The Ultimate Odyssey  9:30-3:00  5 Ethics hrs.
Fri. Aug. 24 PD     *Hot Monogamy   9:30-6:00  8 ceu's
Sat. Aug. 25  PD   Ethics: The Ultimate Odyssey  9:30-3:00   5 Ethics hrs.
Fri. Sept. 7  PD     Ethics: The Ultimate Odyssey  9:30-3:00   5 Ethics hrs.
Sat. Sept. 8  PD    Conscious Connection  9:30-5:00  7 ceu's
Sun. Sept. 9  PD   *Hot Monogamy   9:30-6:00   8 ceu's
Fri. Sept. 14   PD   Telemental Health  9:30-4:00  6 ceu's
Sat. Sept. 15  PD  *Who Are You & What Do You Want? 9:30-6:00  8 ceu's
Fri. Sept. 21  PD   Ethics: The Ultimate Odyssey  9:30-3:00  5 Ethics hrs.
Sat. Sept. 22  PD  Telemental Health  9:30-4:00  6 ceu's

Fee: All workshops are $95 except Hot Monogamy which is $99 to help cover the cost of all the handouts. There are A LOT of handouts!

*Hot Monogamy is my all-time highest rated workshop. It's been a few years since I've offered it so I thought this would be a good time to bring it out of retirement. It's got some new information and some updates that we didn't have available the last time I offered it, plus over 30 pages of handouts that you're free to copy and use with your clients (or your significant other.........)

*Who Are You and What Do You Want? is my second highest rated workshop since I began offering workshops 20 years ago. Based on the evalutations of this workshop through the years and what I've been privileged to witness in the workshop, it's incredibly powerful and empowering.   

Your donations help me continue to offer my workshops and on-line courses at very reasonable fees and quite honestly, help me during a pretty rough time in my life.  Well, if saying that didn't make me feel vulnerable, I don't know what could. (I think Brene Brown would be proud of me...) 

So, no pressure at all. If helping  feels like something you'd like to do, that would be greatly appreciated. If not, no problem at all. If I don't ask, I'm the first one saying 'no'. (I made that up. Pretty good, huh?)  

The way it's set up, you can put in any amount you want. Again, no pressure. I'll love you no matter what you do about a donation. You know that. I'm so very grateful to and for all of you.

​*​​2018 Continuing Education Workshops

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