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Counseling for Individuals

I strongly believe in the ability of each individual to realize her or his greatest potential. Sometimes when people undertake this quest, it may be helpful to have a trained and experienced therapist to assist in the journey. While I don't make the journey for you, I am privileged to make the trip with you, using special training, knowledge, and experience to help you become the person you were created to be.

I have expertise working with individuals in the following areas:

Relationship issues
Sexual issues
Gay/Lesbian issues
Spirituality issues

Life balance issues

I also offer workshops you may find helpful. In the menu to the right under Workshops for CE, there are over 3 dozen workshops listed. While they are listed under CE, many of them are appropriate for clients and for personal retreats. I also offer workshops geared specifically for couples.   

​                              Counseling for Couples

I have extensive training and experience in working with opposite and same-sex couples, and I believe that helping couples achieve a happy, healthy relationship not only benefits the couple, but has a positive ripple effect on those around the couple. I work with couples in dealing with the following issues:

Sexual issues
Increasing passion and intimacy
Learning to fully communicate with each other
Learning to handle conflict, disagreements, anger
Parenting issues
Divorce mediation

I also offer workshops for couples you may find helpful. 

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NOTE: Please be aware that I do not see children, only adults.

For additional information you may find helpful in the area of couples, please click on Smart Partnering in the menu on the right. There are many interesting and helpful presentations listed under the Watch These TEDs in the menu.

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  Dr. Karen McCleskey, Licensed Counselor

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