10/15/18:    Last night large amounts of information on my website were lost when GoDaddy had some technical issues. There's nothing more they can do to recover what they lost although they have fixed the problem on their end. I'm working very, very hard to get things back on here, but as I know you can imagine, it's going to be a major project.  I will have to re-create much of the information, but some (very little) of it was recovered. It's all jumbled up and I'll have to untangle it. I guess I should be thankful some of the info didn't completely disappear. I'm desperately trying to find the pony in this. Please bear with me as I re-create and untangle.

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Dr. Karen McCleskey

Licensed Counselor

2295 Parklake Dr., Ste. # 555

Atlanta, GA  30345

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****the 'My Blog' tab is live. If you click on it, you'll land on a page that says "BOWZER: Just Another Wordpress Site". That's Wordpress's version of 'Coming Soon'. I'll blast when I start posting. I've already got a ton of great information that I think will be helpful and interesting to you .