Written by a psychotherapist who has been counseling individuals and couples for over 20 years (ME!), A Simple Guide to a Happier Life just may transform your life by sharing profound, yet simple and practical insights. It holds your feet to the fire in a humorous, kind, and loving way, giving you a jump start toward achieving happiness in the many areas of your life. Some chapters may make you laugh out loud, while others may bring you to a place of silent reflection.  There are many, many self-help books that tell us we should be happy but they don't tell us how to become happier. This book will teach you how in a practical, down to earth, and lovingly challenging way.

Fact: People lie. Fact: You have been lied to. Fact: 16 of these lies you have been told are discussed in this material.  Fact: Believing any of these 16 lies is definitely not in your best interest in any way. Fact: You can learn to replace these lies with the truth. Fact: This material will show you how by providing accurate information, suggestions, and exercises. Option: You can continue to believe and buy into these lies and stay stuck or you can challenge these lies and change them to the truth and watch your life change. My opinion and suggestion: accept the challenge and take control of your life. Fact: you're a much better person to run your life than you might think.

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At last a book that helps the psychotherapist AND the lay public understand how valuable the components of spirituality can be with clients and in our everyday life. Written primarily for therapists, the material is just as helpful for anyone hungry to learn more about spiritual issues and the place in their lives.


Connection. The cornerstone of this book. We were born with an innate drive and need to connect with others but how do we do it? We're living in an age of technology that makes almost instant communication possible, but can we truly make a deep connection staying on our Facebook page all the time? E-mails and texts make communication available instantaneously.  These are just a few of the many ways we communicate,  but does that type of communication equal connection? People marry to connect. People seek friendship to connect. People become involved in communities and organizations to connect. People are starving to connect, yet for so many, connection seems almost impossible to achieve much less to keep alive. Why is this? Because so many people have no idea at all what it takes to make a true and deep connection with another human being. Yes, being connected is an innate drive, but just because something is built into us doesn't guarantee we know how to do it in a healthy and mature and loving way. The good news about connection is that a tremendous amount of it is skill based. What does this mean? It means that people can learn how to connect. No one has to bear the loneliness of isolation. You can learn how to connect. How to make and keep that friend. How to stay in a relationship because it brings you joy, not because you think you have no where else to go. How to choose wisely when it comes to making a lifetime commitment to another. Knowing how to connect in a healthy way can make these  things, and many others, possible for you. Understanding and applying the basic tenets of Attachment Theory is the key to learning how to connect. Every day that we do not connect positively, lovingly, and maturely, a part of us dies. Learning how to truly, deeply, and appropriately connect can help resuscitate the part of us we lost. It's time to  become whole again and connections show us how.  

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This book is about birds. Sort of. Let's say there are people who, in their romantic relationships, are more like hummingbirds and people who are more like geese. Now, before continuing, it's important for the reader to know that this book does not take the position that one bird is better than the other. With that said, let's take a look at the basic differences between 'hummingbirds' and 'geese'. For 'hummingbirds', most relationships can easily become disposable, forgotten as soon as the next shiny, pretty thing crosses their path. For 'geese'? They mate for life. Even when it's all a huge inconvenience, not much fun, and they wonder why in the world they ever decided to get in a relationship at all, they stay put. They’ve created and continue to create a love that lasts. With one out of every two marriages in the U.S., ending in divorce and 64% of divorced men and women remarrying, maybe knowing what geese know is looking pretty good.
If you want a love that lasts, then there are some things you have to know, have to learn in order for that to happen. But where do you go to learn that kind of information? What do you do? You read this book. That information is what this book is about.
My bird analogy might be a bit weak, but the information in Creating a Love That Lasts is not. It's strong, sound, research based, and shared with you in down to earth and practical ways. Additionally, it's hilarious in parts. And, in other parts, some of the things you'll learn about real life couples will break your heart. Creating a Love That Lasts is not about staying put because you believe you have to or because you're afraid to leave. It is not about staying for the sake of staying when you're abused in any way at all. It IS about how to create a geese love relationship. You stay because you want to and even when you don't want to because you understand what's at play in the relationship and you understand how to be and what to do in a relationship that is healthy for both partners and because you're committed to doing the work it takes to make that happen. This is truly a book for both birds. Just for different reasons. For some readers this book is a primer; for others, it's a refresher course. Both groups will find something helpful. But the bottom line? If you want to create a love that will last, this is the book that will tell you how to do that.