Neuro Affective Therapy was developed by Dr. Pat Love and the title and all materials associated with it have a registered TM. I couldn't make a small TM to go above the title so I'm making this information known through this statement.

Additionally, I was personally selected and trained by Dr. Love  to be a Neuro Affective Therapy presenter.

One last thing: taking this workshop doesn't not qualify you to present the workshop. It simply means you've taken the course and can use the materials as you deem appropriate with your clients.

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‚Äč                                                               Description of Workshop

Neuro Affective Therapy: Therapeutic Techniques For Lasting Change

Over the past several years, the mental health profession has exploded with more and more new information from the field of brain science. This information has emerged with a clear direction for therapeutic change. Now, more than ever, we know how the brain changes and what specific activities and interventions activate this change.

This workshop will present an overview of the NAT model and will introduce some of the newest and practical NAT techniques designed to address issues such as:



-Conflicted Relationships

-Attachment Disorders

-Neurotransmitter Deficiency Syndrome



This is a workshop not to be missed. We'll be looking at some cutting edge information. You'll leave with many handouts which you can use with your clients, plus an understanding of the role NAT plays in the lives of our clients and ourselves.