NOTE 1: Both the COURSE and the QUIZ in every course are PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. It's probably on your computer. If it isn't, it's an easy download off the internet.

NOTE 2:  The numbers (ex: 6/10) by each course indicate the number of hours (CEU's) and the cost (ex: 6/10 means the course has 6 ceu's and costs $10).  For the complete information regarding this plus approvals, etc. click on the COURSE.

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The Telemental Health Course Is Now Available!

The Least Depressing On-Line Course on Depression You'll Ever Take Is Now Available!

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        Instructions On How To Take The Courses:

It's very, very simple. Both the COURSE and QUIZ in all courses are PDF documents. You may already have the software to open PDF’s on your computer; if not, there are free PDF openers on line that you can use. Click on the COURSE button and you will see the entire course. If you click on the QUIZ button you can see the entire quiz. My suggestion is that you print it out and use it to mark your answers as you read the course material. You have several different ways to indicate your answer: highlight the answer you've chosen, go to the side of the answer and put 'this one' or something like that, list your answers on a separate Word document. For example, 1. A    2. B   etc.  It really doesn't matter how you mark it, as long as I know what you've chosen for your answers. When you've finished the quiz, SAVE IT. Do not lose this because it has your answers on it and you may need it again.

There are several ways you can submit it to me: send it as an email attachment to me at OR print the quiz out and send it to me via snail mail to 2295 Parklake Dr., Ste. # 555, Atlanta, GA  30345 OR you can just put the answers to the quiz in an email OR you can text me the answers OR you can send me a PDF file with your answers on it OR you can send it via an owl from Hogwarts. Honestly, it doesn't matter how you get me your answers. All I need is to know what you are choosing as your answers to the quiz questions so I can score it. Nothing fancy here. Please be sure your first and last name and your email address are on whatever you submit to me. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. 

Take On-Line Courses

*Please pay after you submit your quiz. You DO NOT have to wait until I let you know that you passed. Thanks

 # 1: Telemental Health Course    6/10

*Please pay after you submit your quiz. You DO NOT have to wait until I let you know that you passed. Thanks

# 2: The Least Depressing On-Line Course On Depression You'll Ever Take     3/6