*Please pay IMMEDIATELY after you submit your quiz. 

*Please pay IMMEDIATELY after you submit your quiz. 


# 3: Suicide Prevention    2.5/5

 # 1: Telemental Health Course    6/10

 The On-Line Courses:

*Please pay after you submit your quiz. You DO NOT have to wait until I let you know that you passed. Thanks

# 2: The Least Depressing On-Line Course On Depression You'll Ever Take     3/6

NOTE 1:   Both the COURSE and the QUIZ in every course are PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. It's probably on your computer. If it isn't, it's an easy download off the internet.

NOTE 2:  The numbers (ex: 6/10) by each course indicate the number of hours (CEU's) and the cost (ex: 6/10 means the course has 6 ceu's and costs $10).  For the complete information regarding this plus approvals, etc. click on the blue OLC #....

NOTE 3:  The instructions on how to take the courses are on the page titled 'Instructions Re: On-Line Courses (the page right before this one.)

**The Telemental Health Course Is Now Available!

**The Least Depressing On-Line Course on Depression You'll Ever Take Is Now Available!

**The Suicide Prevention On-Line Course Is Now Available!

**The Ethics and HIPAA On-Line Course is Now Available!

‚Äč**The Spirituality and Psychotherapy On-Line Course is Now Available!

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On-Line Courses For You To Take

*Please pay IMMEDIATELY after you submit your quiz. 


# 5: Spirituality & Psychotherapy:

 An Integration                 2.5/5


*Please pay IMMEDIATELY after you submit your quiz. 


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# 4: Ethics and HIPAA    3.5/7