"McCleskey Workshops"! Not only are they very reasonably priced, but the  information I have obtained has been outstanding, no matter which workshop I  have attended! Dr. McCleskey is a very warm, caring person who obviously has passion for what she does, and it shows!! You will be thankful you were able to be under her teaching and sharing!

 Jack Burns, LPC

I have had the pleasure of participating in the Karen McCleskey Workshops for many years. Her workshops are some of the most enlightening and beneficial I have ever attended.


Karen’s workshops are absolutely wonderful! Karen is an energetic and genuine presenter, who shares a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to teach valuable lessons within the therapeutic field, while using humor and fun! Karen wants you to get the most out of her workshops by providing incredible information at a very reasonable price. Come to one of Karen’s workshops and you’ll be hooked, too!


I have attended a number of Karen's workshops over the years. I keep coming back because she is so thoroughly informative and entertaining. She is a well-prepared and down-to-earth presenter who engages her audience and inspires attendees to participate in their own continuing education. Her ethics workshops are particularly stimulating.

Caroline Sigman, MS, LPC, NCC

I have been attending Karen's workshops for about 7 years and can enthusiastically recommend them as both highly informative and fun! I will continue to refer people I supervise and colleagues to Karen's workshops as one of the best ways I know to get your CEUs and have a good time doing it!  Thank you, Karen.

Bob Brown, LPC

Dr. McCleskey is a wonderful facilitator. She's vibrant, genuine and has a true desire to help others grow professionally. I learned a great deal of helpful, practical information during her "Building A Successful Private Practice" workshop that I plan to implement in the near future.


It is always a pleasure to attend Karen McCleskey Workshops. She gave me everything that I needed for my social work license. She keeps me informed of any changes and needs. I have never had to go to other workshops for my needs. I usually don't like workshops. Karen's are not only informative and right on target, but pleasant to attend. Thank you, Karen!

Johnnie Eason, LMSW

I have been an LPC now for 10 years and continuing education is one of the things that I used to put off until the end because I found that it was something I had to do to keep my license so I would just sign up for workshops that were cheap and convenient to home - boring!! When I first heard of you and your workshops (about 4 years ago now) I said okay I have to go check this out because my coworker said "You will love Karen because she makes workshops engaging, interesting and fun". My first workshop with you was the Ethics - Sharks and Minnows (I can't remember the exact title) and I was amazed at how you were able to keep my interest which is very hard for someone to do. Some 8 to 10 workshops later - I must say I won't attend anyone else's! I am a believer in "The Karen". You take time out to research the topics and your presentations are honest, real and definitely not boring and you provide lunch too - you're the best deal in town when it comes to continuing education - you have taken the burden away for me!!!

Korey Dunn, LPC

I've been to many McCleskey workshops through the years - I always learn something new and have lots of fun in the process! I really enjoy the working lunch, which results in a shorter workshop day, and it's wonderful to have Saturday workshops so I don't have to take time off work. I'm looking forward to new McCleskey adventures!

Rebecca Rhodes, LMSW

I have been a participant in a variety of Karen McCleskey's workshops over the past 10 years and look forward each year to a NEW workshop topic that she always adds to the broad selection of choices she offers. Being a part of Karen's workshops is a privilege and a highlight of my many hours of continuing professional education. I have even attended every Ethics workshop Karen has offered, because she makes the topic interesting, encourages feedback and presents the material in a manner that we can all identify with. The atmosphere in Karen's workshops is always warm, friendly, conducive to learning and enhanced with humor. Her workshop prices are very reasonable. Karen is a true professional, knowledgeable, makes learning enjoyable and is always approachable. We are always encouraged to participate which benefits us all. I encourage everyone to attend a McCleskey workshop and hop on board for a ride you won't want to miss.

Andrea S. Blades LPC, NCC, CHT, CRS

I have attended most of the workshops offered by Karen. Not only are they comprehensive and relevant, they are never boring!

Pat Heflin, LPC

Dr. Karen McCleskey is by far the most interesting, intellectual, and caring person I have ever met. I've been to all her workshops/seminars and can't wait for the next series to be presented. Of all the instructors and groups of instructors I've had the privilege of hearing she is by far the best. I recall hearing her for the first time and thought where has this person been. I simply got lucky. If you want to gain proven and exact techniques to help your clients, plus gain insights in areas possibly you've never imagined then you only need to go to one place. Doc's workshops are tried and true. All you have to do is show up and I guarantee you will not be checking your watch to go home. Thanks, Doc, for all you do!


I have attended a number of Dr. McCleskey's workshops and have never been disappointed in the material or the presenter. Dr. McCleskey brings dedication and genuine interest to everything she does. I highly recommend her workshops for all your training needs. You will have fun and learn as well.

Donna Mantooth, M.A., L.P.C.

Her workshops are infused with information, intelligence, inspiration, humor and a particular personal relevance that is unique to (her) manner of synthesis and presentation; she offers a much needed oasis in the maze of offerings out there; always a worthwhile experience.


How can I best describe time spent learning with Karen? I shall try. Amazing, informative, wonderful, humorous, empowering, terrific, educational, stupendous, real, encouraging, marvelous, fun – and that is only the beginning! Professionally and by natural default personally, time spent with Karen McCleskey is inspiring any way you look at it!

Christina L. Johnson, LPC

Karen's workshops have provided me with the most convenient, thought provoking and enjoyable way to earn the hours needed for my license renewal. Karen is a professional who is knowledgeable, and presents information in a fun and humorous manner. If you have not attended one of Karen's workshops I would encourage you to do so. In addition to the hours earned, you will leave her workshop with more "tools in your toolbox."

Kenneth Hoats, LPC

I had the opportunity to be a graduate student in two of Dr. McCleskey’s classes after being out of school for 20+ years. I learned so very much from both theoretical and practical standpoints from her classes that after completing the graduate program I attended several of her workshops. I found the content, materials, and especially her delivery extremely useful in my practice and in the conduct of my workshops. Dr. McCleskey conducts her workshops with directly relevant content, with great respect for her participants, and provides ample opportunity for all attendees to share relevant and useful ideas during the programs. Dr. McCleskey is not only a very knowledgeable instructor but also one of great wisdom - I'm certain that whatever level of education or experience you have, you will find great value in attending any of her workshops. I recommend her workshops without reservation.

David M. Schiff, MA

Karen McCleskey's workshops are very professional, interesting, and informative. She really does her homework whenever she presents. I highly recommend her.

Joe R. Miller, LPC

Having attended several of Karen's workshops, I continue to eagerly await her offerings for each new year. Karen is engaging and energetic, usually presents a great deal of information in the time allotted, yet the atmosphere is relaxed and often humorous. Her optional CD's are also a great value!

Suzie Hargett, LCSW

I am a big fan of Dr. McCleskey's workshops. She is articulate, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. I especially appreciate that Dr. McCleskey always presents recent research and advances in each topic area. I consistently look forward to her new presentation schedules each year.

Peter Ross, Ph.D., LPC

Karen McCleskey's presentations are always entertaining while still being informative. The seminars are fairly priced, always on time, and the seating is comfortable and spacious. Karen's classes provide some CE's on which you won't regret spending your time or your money!

N. Hamilton, LPC

I really enjoyed your workshop "Hot Monogamy" Not like other dull CEU workshops, something I could actually use and fun.

L.F., psychologist

McCleskey workshops are great! First of all, I must say they are very affordable. You just don't find that anywhere when searching for CEU's. Karen is the greatest and she never forgets a name or a face. She is very interactive and engaging. She is the best! As long as I will need CEU's, I will be attending McCleskey workshops. Thanks, Karen.

Tonia Jones, LCSW

Over the years I have attended many of Karen's workshops. I have always come away with three things: 1. Even if I haven't seen her in years, she knows me and my name (a lesson to me for my clients). 2. She has a talent for getting class participation which results in learning from each other as well as from Karen. & 3. I take away a new way of looking at problems I deal with consistently in my practice. Most recently, it was learning that a part of ethics was caring for yourself in a way that makes you stronger and healthier for your clients. Also regarding ethics, by keeping an open mind to innovative but tested techniques, you become more effective in your treatment.

Meg Duly, LCSW

I've been a LPC for 20 years. The first 10 years were stressful finding affordable, interesting workshops that offered CEUs. Attending the Ethics workshops during that time was torture. The second 10 years have been a breeze since I found Karen's workshops. I no longer dread the Ethics requirement, either, since each of Karen's Ethics' workshops has been interesting and different and also applicable. I am a long term "repeat offender, er..attender" and will continue to be one. Thanks, Karen.

Tonya Piggott, LPC

Dr. McCleskey’s workshops are entertaining, educational, and professionally fulfilling. For a decade I’ve made it a habit to do my Ethics hours with Dr. McCleskey and I am never disappointed.

Gregory K. Moffatt, Ph.D., LPC

The Workshops I have attended are thorough, informative, and have helpful handouts. I plan to attend more in the future.

Donna Rankin, LPC, NCC, NCSC

I attended Karen's Building a Private Practice workshop in November 2006. In that workshop, there was an amazing amount of information about how to get started, what to think about ethically, forms I might need, and practical tips about marketing. It was a day well spent, and I have continued to use the information.


If anyone can turn a boring subject into a subject worth listening to, it's Karen. I've been to numerous CEU courses and instead of looking at my watch wondering when the workshop was going to end, I never looked at my watch during Karen's workshop. She is receptive to comments and welcomes questions. Try one of Karen's workshops.....you won't be disappointed.

Essy Freed, LMSW

I have attended Dr. McCleskey's seminars on ethics and discovered no other ethics seminar could compare. Thought provoking, practical and applicable truly describes every minute of these trainings. In increasing my ability to discern ethical issues, their implications, and determine appropriate decision making practices, Dr. McCleskey's use of realistic problems and occurrences faced by therapists and practitioners today was greatly beneficial. In addition, Dr. McCleskey's ability to facilitate appropriate and effective group discussions is impressive. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Dr. McCleskey and eagerly anticipate my next training!


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