Trying out New Days/Times to Offer Workshops:

 As you may know, I tried 3 different times and days to see how it might work to occasionally have weekday/afternoon/evening workshops. The one at night seemed to work the best, but it's hard to really know because of so many variables. So....I'm going to offer some other workshops and play around with the times and days/afternoons/evenings. As I figure out when I want to offer something, I'll blast everyone. The fee will stay at $10 per ceu.

These are things I know for sure right now:   

-Number of attendees is limited to 12.

-The location is a conference room at 2295 Parklake Dr.,  Atlanta, GA  30345. This is the building where my office is located.  I won't know which room so come to the 5th floor, make a left out of the elevator, and head toward a glass door which opens to a waiting room. I'll meet you there and we'll go to the conference room.

-The topic was Introversion. I'm not sure if I'll offer it again or do a different topic. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I'm leaving the description of the Introversion workshop up just in case I do it again.


    One third to one half of Americans are introverted. There is a cultural bias that is so strong that many people view introversion as a pathology instead of the simple normal variation of temperament that it is.

    Therapists must gain an accurate understanding of the aspects that make up the personality of an introvert. This workshop will provide information that will separate myths from facts about introverts. An introvert is NOT a person who failed to be an extrovert!

    Introverts face many challenges and having a therapist who understands what those challenges and is able to help them learn how to appropriately deal with those challenges is crucial. A therapist who isn’t aware of the traits of an introvert is likely to assume a great many things about the client that simply aren’t true. This makes for very ineffective therapy and the introverted client may leave therapy feeling even more misunderstood than when they began.

    Effective therapists know that labels limit. The introverted client is not anti-social or ‘stuck up’ or not a team player or passive aggressive. This workshop will help therapists recognize accurate traits and behaviors of the introverted client so that appropriate therapy can occur.

    You will have the opportunity to learn how to recognize introverts, what kinds of therapy tend to be effective with them, and how to help them work through the negative ideas they and society hold about who they are.

                                      THE SPECIFICS AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

    The workshops break down to $10 per ceu which is pretty much unheard of. I’ve been studying other ceu offerings recently and it seems that the majority of them run from about $14 up to $22 per hour. When you think that we have to have 35 hrs. to renew our licenses, that can really add up. Whenever it’s possible to save us some money, you know I’m going to do that and $10 per ceu is definitely a money saver!

    I’ve also been thinking that there are a lot of therapists who, for various reasons can’t attend a workshop on a workday (can’t get the time off; lose money from not seeing clients) or on a weekend day (working like crazy and the weekend is the only time you have to decompress and remember your children’s names.) So….I started thinking that maybe offering some different days and times might be helpful to many therapists. 

  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 

  Thanks and take care,


**Please let me know if you find any typos or incorrect information.

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