The Updated 'Special Forms Package' is Now Available!!!

I'm clicking the 'Add to Cart' button because saving money and time sound really, really good to me!

     The Special Forms Package contains a sample informed consent (the one I actually use),  a client information form (the one I actually use), a special information for couples form (the one I actually use),  an article I wrote that has 17 crucial points to keep in mind as you write your own informed consent, plus a NEW form I now use when the client first comes in, before the Informed Consent is signed. This NEW form is a must. It makes everything clear right off the bat and can possibly save you and the possible client time and money. In studying informed consents, I came to realize that something had to be in place before the actual informed consent is signed. THIS NEW FORM is it. When you see it, it'll make perfect sense why this form is a MUST. 

  One of the many benefits of using the forms in the Special Forms Package is that you do not have to write your own forms from scratch because you can use all or any part of mine that you want. You're free to adapt my forms in any way that works for you and how you want your practice to be. The 17 points are included in my informed consent. Use some of them or none of them as you 'tweak' your forms. 

     I have some things in my forms that reflect the way I run my practice that might not be how you'd run your practice, but my forms will give you the foundation (plus a lot more) to get your forms to reflect how you want your practice to be.

     Please remember that you can do anything you want with these forms. Change. Adapt. Re-word. See something that triggers an idea you have that you'd like to add. They're yours. Use them to save yourself money and time..time you could use to get and see clients instead of spending hours re-inventing the wheel.‚Äč

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                                  HOW AND WHEN DO I GET MY FORMS?

When your payment comes through, I'll send you all the forms as attachments. They will be Word documents. This will make is super simple for you to make any changes, etc. that you want to.

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