*My Email Blast list is gone and definitely not recoverable.  Yep, all 1200 +/- email addresses. I'm re-building the list as addresses come in. Please re-join (or join) the list by responding to an email I sent you or send me your email address or just sign up using the form on pages on the website. 
Please check here often. This is where I'll put information that I typically would have sent in an Email Blast.

                                                            REACHING ME:

My new mailing address is 1295 Tuggle Dr., Stone Mountain, GA  30083

Please use doesn't exist and won't until after I build the updated website which will be first or second week of Oct.

                               EXTRA INFORMATION FOR YOU:

1. I'm working as fast as I can to get to everyone's emails. I know you're anxious about your CEU's.     Please allow  me 3-5 days to respond.  If you haven't heard from me by the 6th day, please contact me. Your email may not have made it through or it's possible, given the number of emails I'm getting right now, I may have overlooked it. 

2.  Please remember you can always contact me via text. I've never had any issues with texting. 404-754-2677.     
3.  On-Line Courses: Interesting and Helpful Courses At Very Affordable Fees.

4. Remember the REAL deadline for licensure renewal is Sept. 30, NOT June 30. Check the Board website for what happens after Sept. 30.

Thanks and stay safe and well,

Text: (no voice mail) 404-754-2677

Sept. 22, 2020:  GREAT NEWS! Got a NEW course up on 'Text/Read Only'. It's 'Ethics & HIPAA'  # 4  and it's 5 hrs.  You can use it to meet the Ethics requirement or any way you want to. 

Thanks to you who have been worrying about me staying up til around 3 or 4 a.m. I'm good and Pal is fine. Staying up til 3 or 4 isn't disturbing  him given that he could sleep through a firenado. We're actually catching a few Z's here.


There are 3 options as to how to take my OLC's:  Look at the menu to your right and find the 'Read/Text' OLC's and the 'Pre-recorded Watch' OLC's  and the new '30 Minute Audio/Slides' OLC's  Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Hope you find something you'd enjoy taking and that will be helpful to you.

                                      Please Be Aware:

So you won't worry about getting your ceu's: As long as the date on your quizzes you send to me is before midnight on Sept. 30, you're fine. You may not get your cert that night, but that's o.k. because it's not when you get your cert, it's when I get your quizzes. The date on your cert will be the date I received your quiz.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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