Below is a prayer that has always meant a great deal to me. I've had it with me for literally at least 20 years. You can tell it's been around given all the tape marks, stains, accidental white out marks, pin holes, and very ragged edges. Given this time in my life, it means even more to me now than ever before. Every line means a great deal to me and the last line gives me tremendous comfort during this time:            'You will never leave me to face my perils alone.' 

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Oh, to be as wise, wonderful, and occasionally wild as these 2 were. There are just so many things our animal companions have to teach us.


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The pictures and 'Words of Wisdom' below are here because many people through the years have asked for these pictures and messages. They were part of a workshop I did many years ago.  Rather than sending them to each person individually, I finally found a way to put them here.

                                 Right now, it seems fitting to share this with you. 

I'm Karen McCleskey and this is my amazing little buddy, Pal.

We're both very glad you've stopped by!

This was Bowzer, my other wise and wonderful little guy and what I learned from him.


This was  Beau, my wise and wonderful little guy and what I learned from him:

At this time in my life, I am finding great comfort in the prayers below:

If we hang on to love, we'll all be o.k.

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