​​                       ***Mental Health Professionals and Covid-19: 

                                         26 Ethical Considerations and Challenges

*** Meets the Licensing Board's requirement of 5 Ethics hours delivered synchronously.   (In real time)

   The 5 hr. workshops (Option # 1) will have a working lunch and are 9:00-2:30. The 'split' offerings (Option # 2) will NOT have a working lunch. Please read the info for 'Option # 1' and 'Option # 2' in the menu bar.

         Important Things You Need To Know For Taking The 'All 5 Hrs. At One Time' Workshop:


1. On the afternoon of ________I will send the link to enter the meeting to registered participants only.

2.  Your handouts are the last thing on the menu to your right: 'Handouts For Ethics TBA'. Just follow the steps. I promise it's easy. You can do what you want, but if I were you I'd print them out to use as we go through the material.

3. As for signing in, I’ll know you’re attending because I’ll see you. I’ll write your name on a sign in page (hard copy) and file it.

4. Your certificates will be emailed to you.

5. We’ll have 2 breaks: the first 15 minute break is at 10:30. The second 15 minute break is at 12:30.

6. We’ll have a working lunch, just a little differently than we used to. At noon, we’ll take a very quick break (this is not one of your 15 minute breaks.) for you to get your lunch and be back in the meeting. You’ll eat while we’re going over the material. At 12:30 we’ll take the second 15 minute break so you can put away your lunch materials and do whatever you need to. Please remember that you’ll all be having your ‘working lunch’ at the same time. In this new format, there’s no way everyone can just jump up and get their lunch whenever they want. It would be disruptive, as I’m sure you can understand. So….we’ll all be having lunch from noon to 12:30.

7. Registration for the workshop closes the night before the workshop at 6:00 p.m.

8.  We won't be able to do 'Walk-in’s’. You have to be registered by 6:00 p.m. the night before.

9. No one will be allowed entrance to the meeting after 9:15 a.m. even if you've already registered and paid. If this happens, I'll refund your fee minus a $10 admin. fee or you can switch to a different workshop or time. There is no charge for a switch.

And last: Please let me know via TEXT 404-754-2677 or by  EMAIL  karenmccleskey11@gmail.com OR karen@ drkarenmccleskey.com if you have any questions at all.


All mental health professionals and anyone interested in how COVID-19 has affected the mental health area.


The Ethics workshops this year are $TBA if you choose Option 1. I know I said it'd be $99 as it's been FOR YEARS, but I believe this is the right choice to make this year. Actually all the 5 hr. workshops this block are $TBA.

Still talking about Ethics: If you choose Option 2, click on the in the menu bar to your right. You'll see that the material is split into 3 parts. How you take the workshop will determine the fee as each one of the 3 parts has its own fee. 
 I’ve always given full refunds and never held out any admin fee even though I always said I would. This year I’m committing to following through with this and will refund your payment minus a $10 admin fee.  Doing 'Switches' is still available and there's no 'admin fee' for it.

Dr. Karen McCleskey Workshops, Inc. provider # 6489, is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP™) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP is responsible for all aspects of the program. It meets the requirement for counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists because we have a composite board. This is why only one approval is needed.  *If you are an LPC, you may count these hours as Ethics or Core. Great, huh? If you're a SW or LMFT, you may count these hours as Ethics or Related.                  


Attendees will have the opportunity:

to name at least 3 of the impact of technology related to therapeutic issues.

to do a personal assessment of possible changes in their beliefs about new ways of working with clients and articulate it.

to list at least 3 specific areas that must be addressed with clients who are considering online therapy

to hear first-hand situations and experiences other therapists are facing now and to make contributions to these discussions.

to determine the efficacy of doing therapy online. What does the research show?

to share their opinions about the length of training required to conduct online therapy. 

to discuss the Ethical implications of offering online therapy.


    Several years ago I did a workshop titled ‘The Ethics Alphabet: 26 Things Therapists Must Know’. It was a good, solid workshop and it got excellent evaluations. (I have to compile the evaluations into categories for NBCC and I still have what I had to send them.)

    Just for the heck of it, I reviewed the information on my Power Point for that workshop and it hit me right between the eyes: the 26 things we looked at in that workshop are nothing like the ethical things we have to consider now that we’re living in the middle of a pandemic.

    There was nothing about the ethical considerations of delivering therapy online. No term called ‘the deaths of despair’. Grief work? We’re dealing with grief about things most of us never thought we would in our worst nightmares. I suppose I could have titled this workshop 'The Ethical Considerations of Delivering Therapy On-Line'.

    HIPAA? It’s been seriously updated and revised because of the concerns of confidentiality and privacy with clients as we began using new forms of technology. You’d probably never heard of Zoom until the pandemic began. If you had, it was because of its use as a way for companies to meet, not a way to work with clients. In fact, when therapists first began using Zoom to do therapy, it wasn’t HIPAA compliant. Somebody somewhere noticed that and Zoom had to come up with a new plan to offer. Many of us thought Facetime and Skype were o.k. to use. Nope. Not HIPAA compliant.

    Before the pandemic hit, we simply assessed things like suicide risk by sitting with the client and asking questions in addition to using our skills of observation.  Sorry to tell you this, although I’m sure you probably already know: suicide is at an all-time high. What's the best practice for dealing with this issue when the client's not sitting with us face to face? Also, let's keep in mind that we're working with folks who are seriously suicidal and unfortunately, people who have lost a loved one to suicide. New kind of Ethics at play now? 

    People have never had to deal with the kind of depression that severe, intense loneliness brings because they’ve never been quarantined before or had to observe the '6 ft. apart or 6 ft. under' rule, much less not being able to be with a loved one who is hospitalized  and dying.  The list of things that people are suffering depression about has grown exponentially. The Ethics in this situation has been researched in the last year and it's not the 'old' Ethics. Turns out we've got a few more things to consider now.

    Anxiety? It’s at an all time high. It’s hard for people to be calm when they don’t know if they or a loved one will contract the virus. Or how they’ll get another job if the one they had was not deemed essential. Or if they’ll lose their home. Or if they’ll be in a line to get food. Research points to additional Ethical considerations in this area.

    Ethics hasn’t changed because of the pandemic. At its core, it’s still about doing good and doing no harm. What has changed is how we do good and do no harm during this completely unprecedented time. Therapists are having to consider things they never saw coming. Here’s something I recently read about: there are some folks who think it’s unethical for a therapist to refuse to see clients in person now. New things to consider about Ethical behavior? Oh, yeah. Definitely.
   Another interesting change: Did you ever think you’d be getting your Ethics online asynchronously, much less taking all 35 hours online? (Last year) Did you ever think you'd be taking your Ethics online, but synchronously? (This year) Did you ever think you’d be taking Ethics in real time while sitting in front of your computer hoping no one sees your pajama bottoms?

   One very, very important Ethical issue we've got to examine is just how competent we are in using technology to do our jobs? Remember when the Board made the rule we had to have those 6 hrs. of training on delivering telemental health services? Was that really enough? Keep in mind that rule was made before the pandemic hit. 

    So, what is this workshop about? Re-read the information above. It's just chocked full of ethical considerations. I’m going to take each letter of the alphabet and provide a concern/challenge brought about by Covid-19 for it. I’ve already come up with a concern/challenge for each letter and I compared them with the 26 I used years ago in that Ethics Alphabet workshop. There’s absolutely no repetition. The ethical concerns and challenges we face now are nothing like we’ve ever faced before. Night and day different.

    Before I end up doing the workshop right here in the description, let me close with these two things:  Some of you know who Bob Dylan is. Remember his song The Times They Are A-Changin’ ? Take a look at the lyrics.  And how about Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? No, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore. But where are we? I believe we’re at a place to test ourselves and our ethical beliefs and choices; a place to examine how to continue to do our jobs as therapists as ethically, safely, compassionately, and competently as possible.

    Sorry, you know me. One more thing: if you think this workshop is going to be depressing, please think again. My hope, goal, and prayer is that you come away from these 5 hours we’ll be sharing together with a renewed hope for ourselves, our clients, and the world and with new information and insights that will help people make it through this unprecedented time.

       If you want to take all 5 hrs. at one whack, click on 'Option # 1...' in the menu to your right to see workshop dates and to register. 


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