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*ANYTHING you purchase from me comes with my personal guarantee: you don't like it, let me know, and I refund all your money. It's that simple. You can even keep whatever it was you bought. And, you don't have to justify your request. If you're not satisfied with something I provide, you shouldn't have to pay for it. Period. I just appreciate that you purchased something from me and I truly want you to be completely satisfied.

*This refers to my workshops, books, downloads, forms, consultation...basically anything you buy from me. 
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NEW VERSION OF THE  Special Forms Package is Available!

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                                         HOW AND WHEN DO I GET MY FORMS?

When your payment comes through, I'll send you all the forms as attachments. They will be Word documents. This will make is super simple for you to make any changes, etc. that you want to.

        The UPDATED 'Special Forms Package' is Now Available And It                                              Has Brand New Forms In It!!!

​What If Just $20 Would Make Your Professional Life Easier? 

Do you want to save time and save money so you can focus on your practice? You can do that by purchasing the UPDATED Special Forms Package. Click on the yellow 'Add to Cart'  button and get started now. Nothing to lose.  A lot to gain.  Click now.

     The Special Forms Package contains an updated informed consent form (the one I actually use),  an updated client information form (the one I actually use),  an updated special information for couples form that has some brand new, very timely information in it (the one I actually use),  an updated article I wrote that has 18 crucial points that have to be addressed in an informed consent, plus A NEW Form. The new form I now use guides me through the first contact with the prospective client. This NEW form is a must. It makes everything clear right off the bat and can possibly save you and the prospective client time and money. In studying informed consents, I came to realize that something had to be in place before the actual informed consent is signed. THIS NEW FORM explains exactly what to do. When you see it, it'll make perfect sense why this form is a MUST.

    One of the many benefits of using the forms in the Special Forms Package is that you do not have to write your own forms from scratch because you can use all or any part of mine that you want. You're free to adapt my forms in any way that works for you and how you want your practice to be. Use some or all of the information as you 'tweak' your forms. In the 18 points article, you can see how I've worked them into my other forms. 

   I have some things in my forms that reflect the way I run my practice that you might want to consider using all or part of. They can give you ideas and guidance that help you reflect on how you want your practice to be.

   Please remember that you can do anything you want with these forms. Change. Adapt. Re-word. See something that triggers an idea you have? Add it. The forms are yours. Use them to save yourself money and time..time you could use to get and see clients instead of spending hours re-inventing the wheel.​ 

  Whether you're in full time or part time private practice or thinking about starting your practice, this material will give you the tools you need for success. When you save time and you save money, you're on the road to SUCCESS. You have absolutely nothing to lose.  Take a look at my guarantee below. Nothing to lose and possibly more to gain than you can imagine. Hit the  yellow buttonand invest in you.

                   **The SFP Is Not Available At This Time.

I'm re-working the entire package to include the most current information about offering on-line counseling. Please join the Email Blast List so you'll be notified when the up to date SFP is available.