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   Through the use of lecture, discussions, exercises, and videos, attendees will have the opportunity to learn the 5 languages and which language to use in different situations and how to choose and 'speak' that language productively by providing a minimum of 3 examples 

Through the use of lecture, discussions, exercises, and videos, attendees will have the opportunity to list at least 5 ways marriages have changed because of the pandemic and a minimum of 5 methods to help couples deal with those changes.


4. 11 Things Clients Must Know to Successfully Navigate Life and How Therapists Can Help Them Learn to Use These Things to Have as Smooth a Sailing Adventure (getting through life in one piece) as Possible. (I know it's a strange title, but the material is amazing.)

    2022 Continuing Education Workshops:

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    Through the use of lecture, discussions, exercises, and videos, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to use these 11 powerful 'tools' to take more control of their lives and to know when and where and how to use these hacks in a helpful and productive way. They will be able to list a minimum of 5 areas and provide the ways to use the 5 hacks they list. 

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Target Audience: All mental health professionals

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Through the use of lecture, discussions, exercises, and videos, this workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn about 26 new Ethical considerations they have to know about and ways to address these new concerns.  Attendees will be able to list at least half of the 26. And yes, there will be a Brene Brown video  :-)


Target Audience: All mental health professionals

I've come up with a new kind of client--a hybrid of the client who is an Introvert and a client who is also a Highly Sensitive Person. (IHSP). When we work with an Introvert, we approach the client in a specific way; when the client is a Highly Sensitive Person, there are specific ways we work with that person.  How do we work most effectively when both things are present? This workshop will show you how. I've done a workshop on Introverts and several workshops on HSP's. Separate they look very different; blend them and you've got a client with a unique set of issues that the therapist must be able to recognize in order to be helpful.

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Target Audience: All mental health professionals


2. Marriage: A New Paradigm for a New Era  

Course Objectives:

Target Audience: All mental health professsionals

                                       1.  The NEW A, B, C's of Ethical Decision Making

                                 (Meets the 5 Ethics hours as required by the licensing board.)

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Through the use of lecture, discussions, exercises, and videos, attendees will be able to list 3 ways Introverts and HSP's are similar and 3 ways they differ. They will be able to articulate 3 ways therapists can help Introverts and HSP's integrate their gifts. 

3. The 5 Life Languages

Dates, Registration  ***Only the Ethics WS's have a working lunch and 2-15 minute breaks. Lunch will be from noon to 12:30 and you'll eat while I teach during that time. Please plan to have your lunch ready for that time.

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5. Helping the IHSP Client Function in a World That Can Be Difficult for Them

    Remember Gary Chapman's book 'The 5 Love Languages'? In a nut shell, people have a primary way they express and want to receive love. In this workshop, I'm proposing that there are also 5 specific ways in life that people interact with others and depending on how those 5 are used, can make or break a relationship, whether personal or professional. Learning another language can be a challenge, but speaking these 5 languages will bring greater communication and connection with others. This investment is worth your time and effort to learn to speak the language of 'Life'. Words are the number one way humans communicate. Words are that powerful. They can be swords or olive branches. Someone once said something really critical and just down right mean to me a few years back. My reply was "Your words have a lot of power. Are you sure you want to use them this way?" The woman just shook her head and walked away. Later in the day (August in Texas!) she brought me a can of Coke. See where I'm going with this material?

Among the major changes brought about by the pandemic, marriage is in the top 3. Depending on whose research you look at, the divorce rate has increased or decreased. Just to give you an example of each: (trust me, there are MANY more and they'll be a part of the workshop), the divorce rate has increased because of all the times we had to be 'cooped up' with our S.O. (significant other) and the divorce rate has decreased because we realize how fragile life is and couples may begin to appreciate their S.O. much more.

This has led therapists to a new paradigm. Here's the definition of 'paradigm": A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality." If living in a committed love relationship during a pandemic doesn't challenge therapists to reconsider if the 'old' ways of working with couples, I don't know what would. What can therapists change and implement in their approach to counseling couples? Those things constitute the 'New Era'.

Workshops for counselors are approved by TX LPC PAP  #1452 and workshops for social worker's are approved by TX SW PAP # 7849.      

Remember that because we have a composite board, only 1 approval is needed for Ethics.                                       I am choosing to use the NBCC approval.

The remaining 4 workshops are core hours for both LPC's and SW's and are related hours for LMFT's.

Course Objectives


Course Objectives:

The 11 things are 'life hacks'. Hacks can often have a negative connotation, but here's the definition we're going with in this workshop: "A clever solution to a tricky problem. To hack is to modify or change something in an extraordinary way." What if clients knew how to use these 'hacks' to solve tricky life problems? What if clients knew how to turn something negative into something positive? What if clients knew how to defend themselves from those who would like them to stay dependent or believe they're not to be respected or they're not worthy of anything positive. I think these hacks just might come in very handy for them and for clinicians as well. 

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           Descriptions of  Workshops 

Course Objectives:

Target Audience: All mental health  professionals

+All Ethics workshops below are approved as core hrs. for LPC's and SW's; they're related hours for LMFT's. 

+All Ethics  workshops will have 1-15 minute break.

   While I was researching 'Discernment', which was the original Ethics topic, I discovered something that blew me away: so much has happened because of the pandemic and its far researching consequences, that there are now more Ethics situations to consider than ever before. So I've changed the topic to The New A,B,C's of Ethical Decision Making. The previous Ethics workshop was based on the 26 letters of the alphabet with each letter representing a word related to Ethics. This new workshop has the same structure but there are 26 brand new areas for us to learn and consider how they fit with best Ethics practice. There are no repeats of the first 26 words used in the previous workshop. That's how much Ethical considerations have changed: I can go through the alphabet and never hit a previously used area. Actually, there are more than 26. I've picked the most important ones for us to examine. You'll never believe how many more things are now about Ethics. If you think 52 Ethical concerns is a lot, you should see how many I didn't choose.

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