How To Take Both Types of On-Line Courses

       There are 2 types of OLC's: 'Watch' and 'Text/Read Only'.


                                                        THE NUTS AND BOLTS:

-All courses have a quiz with them. That's standard for any on-line course. The quiz will pertain only to the information in the courses you took and information from the videos in the video list.  I always recommend that you print the quiz out and mark your answers as you go through the material, whether the course is a 'Text/Read Only' or a 'Watch'. It's kind of like taking an open book test. The 'rules' are the same. Watch the course, complete the quizzes, submit them, get your score and then decide you don't need the hours.  If you change your mind about anything, NO PROBLEM! BUT...if you do all that and then pay me and I give you your certificate, it's a done deal.  

-If you already paid for courses before the COVID-19 hit, then here's how we'll handle that:

Option # 1. I can just go ahead and give you a refund for whatever you paid.

Option # 2. You can take whatever courses you want and if I end up owing you money, which I probably will, depending on how many $99 courses you signed up, then I refund what I owe you.  I have all the credit card records and can check on anything you want me to (what courses you signed up for, what courses you've taken, how much you paid, etc. in case you don't remember). If you're not sure if you've already paid for a $99 course, please check with me first, before you pay for more course. Thanks!

If you think of another option, just let me know. I'll work with you any way we need to so that you are satisfied.

-NOW, to explain what I've done and why. I very quickly discovered several things: time changes from how long it takes to be with you in my conference room which is always 6 hrs. and time to put that same information in a recording. I simply couldn't stretch anything to 6 hrs. So, I pulled in some other courses and recorded them and will continue to add 'Watch' courses, in addition to the 5 text OLC's that are available for this block. This means you have a LOT of choices about courses to take.  I know now that I won't be turning each course into a 'Text/Read Only' one. It's simply too difficult a task. Remember that TeleMental Health course? That was 24,000 words in order to provide the CEU's you needed. That was a heck of a lot of very, very time consuming work.

-All the 'Watch' courses have videos. Because of things not worth going into,  I can't put the videos in the courses. Each video will be listed on a page by the course and will have the link to it. Your quiz will cover material in the course and in the videos. Remember how 'The Least Depressing OLC On Depression You'll Ever Take' was set up? That's what I'm doing for all the 'Watch' courses.

-If 3-5 of you want to get together and we do a real 'live' webinar as in a certain specific date and time is set, I'm good with that. Let me know and we'll pick a day/time that works for you. The 3-5 of you will select the course you want. I'm fine with doing this as many times as you want, as long as we keep it at 3-5 people.

-Lastly, all this is new territory to me and I'm learning as I go along.   (Sometimes I make A's and sometimes I make D-'s). I appreciate your patience as I navigate uncharted and actually kind of deep water. Trust me, I do not want to drown!

Remember you can click on Quiz so you can see it before you begin your course. *I advise you to print it out and mark your answers as you  take the course. Now you simply read/study the course material and mark your answers as you go. When you've finished the quiz, SAVE IT somehow. 

HOW TO GET YOUR QUIZ ANSWERS TO ME: You have several different ways to indicate your answer. It doesn't matter how you mark it, as long as I know what you've chosen for your answer. Here are the  options as to how to submit your answers: send them as an email attachment to me or OR print the quiz out and send it to me via snail mail to 1295 Tuggle Dr., Stone Mountain, GA  30083 OR as a list of your answers in a Word doc OR as a PDF OR listed in a text OR listed in an email OR take pictures of your answers and email them to me OR from an owl at Hogwarts OR meet me at Chick Fil A parking lot and give it to me. It doesn’t matter how you get it to me as long as I can tell what your answers are. Well, this is one way that won't work: you can't fax me anything.

I think that's everything. Please email or text me if you have any questions at all or if you think of something I haven't covered.

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Thanks for coming along on this new journey with me! 


  1. Everything You Need To Know About The Pre-recorded On-Line Courses/Webinars (aka, the 'Watch' Courses). 

  2. Everything You Need To Know About The 'Text/Read Only' courses. 


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