Wherever there are HIPAA compliant methods of communicating with clients.

I like being healthy and whether you're a potential client or a therapist looking for CEU's, I'll bet you do, too. All that is to say that I am no longer offering in person counseling or in person CEU workshops.

COVID-19 has completely changed the ways/methods counseling is offered. Period. When we recover from the pandemic, counseling will be very different than it was before and during that time. Right now, on-line methods are what therapists are using to provide services. Most therapists I should say. Some are still seeing clients in person using the 6 ft. apart or 6 ft. under rule and wearing masks. 

Me? I am in the process of setting up my practice to be completely on-line. By 'my practice', I mean providing counseling to clients, offering CEU trainings/workshops, and coaching. I guess I should use 'remotely'. I will be offering these using the telephone. As for literally on-line, I'll offer options of video, chat, email, and text. All methods will be HIPAA compliant.

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Stay healthy and safe!

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