I know that some CEU providers are doing or will choose to do 'live', as in the same room, workshops. I don't know what 2022 will look like, but for 2021, all my workshops will be done online; some SYNCHRONOUSLY and some ASYNCHRONOUSLY. Right now we can still take all the hrs. we need online; the only difference between now and last year is that this year 25 of the 35 hrs. must be done SYNCHRONOUSLY whereas last year we all just basically went hog wild taking all 35 CEU hrs. online anyway we wanted to. Who knows when we will go back to having to take CEU's in person so I plan to take advantage of this for this year, both as a licensee needing CEU's and as a CEU provider.


 Mar.18, 2021


I've received replies that basically repeat what's on section 135-9 re: CE. What I need is a verification of something that is not clear in that section.

Here's my basic question:

After having taken the 5 Ethics hrs. that must be taken synchronously, can the 30 remaining required hrs. all be taken asynchronously?

The wording is not clear.

One place it says we're limited to 10 hrs. on line and then in the description of Core, it says hrs. can be taken synchronously or asynchronously. Please clarify. I'd greatly appreciate it.


Karen McCleskey



Mar. 23, 2021

Ms. McCleskey,

 As the rules state, “A maximum of ten (10) hours of continuing education may be obtained asynchronously for each two-year renewal period.” The rest (25) have to be synchronously

 Brig Zimmerman

Executive Director, Section 5

Professional Licensing Boards Division

   So, period. The end. Question answered. Where do we go from here? We already know the Ethics hrs. must be taken synchronously. Now we know that we are going to have to take 20 ceu hrs. SYNCHRONOUSLY  as well.  {The 25 hrs. he's referring to are 5 hrs. Ethics plus the 20 CEU hrs.} The remaining 10 hrs.  can take them ASYNCHRONOUSLY.  Just be careful if they are CORE or RELATED. Also keep in mind that you can take up to 5 INDEPENDENT STUDY HOURS. Those hours have to count as related. Keep in mind that of the 30 hours remaining after taking Ethics, at least 15 must be CORE and no more than 15 can be RELATED. **I strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to take 5 INDEPENDENT STUDY HOURS and put them toward the related category. DO NOT PAY FOR THOSE HOURS (unless they're something you really want and there's a charge).  Do this and you still have 10 hours remaining in the 'Related Category'. You just can't have more than 15 hrs. in that category.

​  I will have offerings that add up to at least 10 ceu's on my website for you to take the way you took them last year (ASYNCHRONOUSLY). Some will be 'Read Only' and some will be 'Watch Only'. Remember: both types will have a test.  The hours will be core for LPC's and SW's and related for LMFT"S.

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   This means I will be offering workshops SYNCHRONOUSLY. I will be offering them A LOT more times than I typically have and am going to make getting our 'in real time' workshops as easy as possible, meaning you'll have a lot of choices as to when you want to take something. (**Remember you have 10 hrs. you can take ASYNCHRONOUSLY.) You may want to consider getting some of your friends/colleagues together, give me a date/time you're all available and if it doesn't conflict with schedule, I'll do a workshop just for you folks. Just to be clear, I'll have to have at least 4 people in order to do this. 

   I'm in the process of getting workshops ready, figuring dates/times/fee, # of hrs., etc. and will blast when it's up on the website.

  If you haven't joined the Email Blast List, please sign up. It's how I communicate with folks about what's going on and what I'm doing. The form is below.  Also, please share this with others. I'd really appreciate it.

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    Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

   Please stay safe and well!



   P.S. Thanks to all of you who took my first ever ZOOM Ethics workshop. I really appreciate it!